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Anti-Bullying Workshops

Programs and Presentations for:

• Camp & After-School Staff

• Parents & Grandparents

• Teens & Pre-Teens

• K-5th Graders

• Community Organizations & Clubs

• Corporate Events

Bullying is an insidious problem in our communities and schools today. We have developed programs and presentations to help explore strategies and solutions to bullying situations that children, teens, and adults may experience. 

Our highly acclaimed workshops interactive and fun, and keep everyone involved and interested.   

Here's How It Works:

We'll present a series of short vignettes, each addressing a different aspect of bullying, and posing a different problem or situation for the characters. Each skit is left open-ended,and 'talk-show' style, the audience can talk-back to the characters portrayed in the skit! The audience can comment, give an insight, and give suggestions as to how to solve the problems presented. Of course, they may also choose to simply sit back and listen to the comments of others–there’s absolutely no pressure to participate. At the end of each act, a licensed and experienced psychotherapist, Mark Cherny, will give professional opinion about the subjects at hand.

Our anti-bullying presentations for K-5th graders are approved by many Florida school districts, and aligned with CPalms, Common Core and Next Generation Sunshine State Standards. The shows approach this serious subject in a way that's age appropriate, fun, and filled with audience participation.

Please contact us.

Mark:  561-445-4587  Andrea:  561-445-1305

We will be happy to spend the time with you over the phone or through email to put together the program that’s right for your group!

We are based in South Florida, and yes, out of town bookings across Florida & beyond are available!  

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