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Lesson Plans & Lunchbox Field Trip Teachers' Guide

Good News! We have received an "Excellent" rating from the Palm Beach County School District Department of Curriculum Development!

Click Here for our Palm Beach County School District approved Lunchbox Field Trip Guide and Lesson Plan Packet. It's a wonderful resource and contains pre & post show classroom activities for all the plays and workshops for Pre-K, K-5 & 6-12th grades.

New for 2016-2017:We also have CPalms lesson plans. Contact us and we'll send the appropriate lesson plan to you.

Click Here for our Lunchbox Field Trip Quick Info Sheet.

It contains our show schedule, student etiquette info, and directions to the Delray Beach Playhouse. 

Click Here for a list of additional valuable resources.

There are links to websites containing information about character

education and theater arts.

Click Here for information about how Palm Beach County Public Schools may apply for free busing for Lunchbox Field Trips


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