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The Pretend-Along Series

for Ages 2-7

Performances at Your Location!

  • Each show runs 45 minutes!
  • Great for After-School, Camp, School Assemblies & Special Events, Libraries, Community Locations.
  • Great for audiences large or small!

There's Lots of Audience Participation, A Live Music Sing-Along & Make-Believe in Every Show!

Each show has a cast of 2 actors, who portray the many characters presented in the show.

Choose Your Show!

Dinosaur Eggs in My Lunchbox!

A sweet story about a child whose wish for a dinosaur playmate comes true. All the kids in the audience share the adventure with

Dr. Dino, Buddy, and The Buddysaurus, and pretend they are baby dinosaurs hatching from eggs and roaring for the first time.

StarGazia Blue

The children in the audience join Patty and the very silly Dr. Pokey on a spaceship ride to meet Shubu, the friendly outerspace child. Together, we have an out-of-this-world adventure! On another level, it's a show about acceptance of differences and friendship. Teachers' Guide & Lesson Plan.

Paw Pals

 A delightful journey with Safari Joe and Patty to the very friendly Land of Not-So-Wild-Animals! We all visit with our animal friend Grr and climb up to his tree house for a great play date!

Alphabet Soup & Gobbledy Goop!

We all help our friend Buddy and the Sultan of Soup mix up a delicious dish with our favorite flavors, colors, numbers and alphabet noodles..and we help Buddy try something new!

Contact Us for Current Pricing

Cell phone:561-445-4587     561-445-1305

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