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Theater Etiquette FAQ

Following These Simple Rules

Will Make it a Great Lunchbox Field Trip! 

  • Please try to arrive at the Delray Beach Playhouse at least 15 minutes before showtime to allow for trips to the restroom and water fountain before your group is seated.
  • If you are running late, you must call 561-445-1305 or 561-272-1281. If we can, we'll hold the show for you!
  • If you plan to picnic in the Playhouse park after the show, you may bring coolers or large plastic garbage bags filled with your group's lunches into the Playhouse lobby. Sorry, no individual lunch boxes can be kept in the theater.
  • Please bring what you need, as there is no food or drink for sale at the theater.
  • Children may dress up or wear whatever your school considers appropriate. You might want to bring a sweater as it sometimes is cool inside the theater.
  • No hats may be worn in the theater, with the exception of medically or religiously necessary head coverings.
  • Please explain to your students or campers that a live show is different than a movie, and there is no eating or drinking during the show.
  • Drinks, water bottles, food, gum, & candy are not allowed inside the Playhouse.
  • Chaperons must accompany children to the restrooms and water fountain.
  • Please remember to turn off any cell phones or electronic devices.
  • Please leave all books, toys, and other distractions on the bus.
  • Let's be "green"! After your picnic in the park, please throw away your trash in proper receptacles. Failure to leave the park in the condition in which you found it - nice and clean - will result in your being charged for clean-up!

Thank you so much for attending a Lunchbox Field Trip!

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