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Teen Studio Theatre

for Grades 5-12

Interactive, Effective,

& Lots of Fun!

A 'Talk Show' Style Presentation led by an experienced, licensed psychotherapist.

You Choose the Topics!

Every Performance is Customized for Your Group!

We bring the show to your school, club, synagogue, church or other location. 

South Florida and out of area bookings available.

This thought-provoking and entertaining "talk-show style" audience participation show really holds the attention of this age group, and most of all, is lots of fun!

It’s effective and sparks a dialogue about a range of important topics. Here are some that are frequently requested:

•  Responsible Behavior

•  Bullying & Cyber-Bullying

•  Decision Making & Critical Thinking

•  Friendship

•  School Issues

•  Family Issues

•  Substance Abuse

•  Peer Pressure & Self Esteem

Here’s the way it works:

We'll help you select 3 or 4 topics that would be best for your group. For more topic choices, please look at the lists below. After the topics are selected,we'll put together a custom presentation for your group. 

The format keeps everyone involved and interested.

The 2 actors present a series of short skits about the selected topics. Each skit is left open-ended so the audience can 'talk-back' to the characters in the skit. The students can comment and give their suggestions as to how to solve the problems presented. What makes it really intriguing, is that during the ‘talk-back’, the actors stay in character and speak to the students as though they were those people portrayed in the skit! 

The skits and guided discussions during the ‘talk-back’ are all led by Mark J. Cherny, a licensed and experienced psychotherapist.

He has worked extensively with children, teens, and families, and has a vibrant and friendly professional manner that encourages lots of student participation. 

Teen Studio Theatre is a great way to open a forum for a guided discussion about a full range of issues and subjects! Critical thinking, brainstorming and exploring options to find a solution to a problem are key skills your students will have the opportunity to practice during this unique show. You can book one show or a series. Easy to use lesson plans are available for post-show follow-up.

Please contact us. We will be happy to put together the program that’s right for your group!  Call Mark: 561-445-4587  or Andrea: 561-445-1305

We bring the show to your location. Local South Florida and out of town bookings available!

Teen Studio Theatre is a terrific program to bring to your students!

Approved by Palm Beach, Broward, Miami-Dade, Martin, Lee, Pasco, Hillsborough, Volusia & Osceola School Districts ● Broward CSC/Broward Cultural Division Partnership Approved 

  • Fun & Interactive Talk Show Format
  • Engaging & Effective
  • Topics of Interest & Importance to the Pre-teen & Teen Age Groups
  • Open a Forum for Discussion
  • Led by a Licensed Experienced Psychotherapist
  • Guided Steps Toward Exploring a Full Range of Issues and Subjects about Personal Choices and Responsible Behavior
  • Provide Specific Methods of Dealing with Problems & Issues
  • Thought Provoking
  • Audience Participation
  • You Choose the Topics
  • Approved by South Florida Schools
  • CSC/Broward Arts Grant Approved     

Here are Some of the Workshops & Topics We Offer:

Anti-Bias/Multicultural/Holocaust Awareness Workshops

• addressing prejudice

• personal responsibility in combating intolerance

• classism

• is it ‘just a joke’ or something more

Approved by Palm Beach County Schools' Dept. of Multicultural Education / Holocaust Studies.There may be some funding available for these workshops to be presented to Palm Beach County Public School middle school students..

• Also available for staff & corporate training, adults, and parent/student groups

All Workshops Customized and Age-Appropriate for Your Group.

If you don't see something here that you are looking for, we can develop a skit for your topic. Call us! We'll be happy to discuss it with you.

  • bullying ● cyber-bullying
  • family dynamics
  • dating ● friendship
  • peer pressure ● self esteem
  • school & homework
  • grief ● transitions
  • abusive relationships
  • drug/alcohol abuse
  • honesty
  • disabilities
  • mental health
  • eating disorders
  • leadership & communication skills
  • ...and more!  

Special Needs Teen & Young Adult Workshops

  • job interviewing skills
  • dress for success
  • social skills in & out of the classroom
  • stranger danger       

Teen Studio Theatre is part of our Respectful Interventions™ programming.

Respectful Interventions™

is the term we use to describe an effective, positive means of communication, and a guideline to map your interactions with everyone with whom you come in contact. The key to achieving a high degree of success and satisfaction in life is consistently treating classmates, teachers, family, friends, and the community in which you work and live in a respectful manner.

contact us for pricing & details!

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