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Studio Theatre ...on the Road

We Bring Our Show to Your Location!

Great Entertainment for Every Age, Every Group, and Every Occasion!

Perfect for Social Clubs, Meetings of All Kinds & Special Events. Custom Shows, too!

We bring our show to you! 

To book your event, Please contact us! 

Cell Phone:  Mark:  561-445-4587  Andrea:  561-445-1305


Thought-provoking, very funny, and Lots of Fun!

Audience Participation Entertainment for Adults.

Great shows for every age, every group, and every occasion!

Here are some of the shows we're offering this year:

Lunch at Costco

On Mondays, Joe and Celeste pick up 12 rolls of paper towels, a few odds and ends, a juicy steak, and a rotisserie chicken, but this past week they found even more than they’d bargained for! The juiciest gossip of the year! Yes, you can certainly get more than a hot dog and a cold drink for your buck and a half!

50 Shades of Feingold

Harry and Carol Feingold have been happily married for 40 years, but lately, Harry has been suggesting that they do something more exciting than having lunch at Costco every Thursday! Harry has a few ideas that whet his appetite, but Carol isn't quite so sure that she wants change on the menu.

House of Mah Jongg

Bella and the girls have been getting together to play once a week for years, but lately, she is getting tired of the tiles. Not only that, something - or someone - is throwing her off her game. Is it time to put away the card table and move on?


Sparkling wine and sparkling conversation - not to mention a sparkling bit of bling - are what drew retirees Stan and Shirley together on the Singles of the Seas Cruise. It seems like a match made on deck, but once all the cards are on the table, is the truth a good reason for her to set him adrift?


This 1 person show, hosted by Mark Cherny, is engaging, thought-provoking, and thoroughly entertaining! The presentation is filled with lots of audience participation, is customized for your group, and guaranteed to leave everyone talking about it for days to come!

It’s Something to Talk About!

Here’s what it’s all about:

Picture being a ‘fly on the wall’ at a party or in your neighbor’s living room, and you’re eavesdropping on a juicy conversation.

In Studio Theatre, not only can you listen in to what’s going on, you can also tell these people just what you think about what they’re saying!

Give your opinion, share an insight, agree or disagree with what's being said, or how they're handling the situation. Yes, you can finally tell someone what to do, and maybe this time, they’ll listen!

It’s upbeat and funny. It’s thoughtful, intriguing, and heartwarming, and always a lot of fun! It’s Studio Theatre!

Everyone in the audience is invited to participate! Two presenters will act out 3 or 4 short skits. After each role play, the audience participates in a discussion led by one of the actors, who is an experienced psychotherapist. What makes this unique, is that the players stay in character and interact as though they were the people portrayed in the sketch!

Perfect Entertainment for Your Next Meeting or Special Event!

  • condo entertainment
  • large & small groups okay
  • social clubs
  • mens & womens clubs
  • alumni associations
  • professional organizations
  • service clubs
  • senior groups
  • adults of every age
  • temple & church groups
  • parties

Every presentation is customized for your event! You select the theme of the show & topics of interest to your group.

ON THE ROAD: We're happy to bring the show to your South Florida location! We recommend that Palm Beach & Broward residents come and see the show at the Delray Beach Playhouse, but if there is a special event at your clubhouse or for your organization, we'll be happy to accommodate your schedule!

We will also travel to many locations across Florida, including Miami-Dade, Martin, St. Lucie, Osceola, Volusia, Pasco,Hillsborough, and Lee counties.

Out-of-state bookings also available!

 Please contact us for prices & details!       

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